A Simple Guide For Those Starting Relationship Counselling

It is never easy to admit that you need help with something as personal as a close relationship with your partner. However, when the alternative is the relationship turning into a toxic situation that has to end, then relationship counselling becomes the obvious choice for those wanting to make it work. Still, it does not make it easy to get started, and being nervous about the first few sessions is completely normal. Everyone who goes through relationship counselling was in your position at one point, and so many of them have had much better outcomes after starting down this path. Here are a few things to expect when starting relationship counselling so you are not too shocked.

Getting To Know You

While you are probably the most nervous about your first session, the truth is that this might be one of the most relaxed and easy dialogues you encounter in relationship counselling. This is when you, your partner and your counsellor or therapist will get to know how you came to this position. That means giving them a detailed insight into your history, how you fell in love with one another and perhaps getting towards the underlying problems that have seeped into the relationship. After all, they cannot help without a holistic picture of your relationship, and so the first few sessions will largely feel like getting to know a new friend.

Setting Out What You Want To Achieve

If you are going to counselling, then you know something isn't working, but it is important that you pinpoint what you actually want to achieve out of this experience. Often in the first few meetings, you will also discuss what you both expect when your sessions come to an inevitable close. This is not just because your counsellor wants to know how to help get you to that stage, but these goals can also be very revealing about your points of view and perhaps provide an insight into how to mend the bumpy patches.

Understanding What A Relationship Counsellor Can Do

The first few sessions are as much about the counsellor finding out about your relationship as it is about you finding out about how they can help you. There are certain limits and professional guidelines to relationship counselling, as there should be, and it is important you both understand these rules. Once everyone is well established, and the basics have been covered, then you will start to see more in-depth discussions and the crux of your counselling can really begin. If you are new and feeling as though it is waste of time, give it a few more sessions as you may just be in the introductory phase.