5 Tips for Choosing a Psychiatrist

Making the decision to seek help with your relationships, behaviours, feelings and other struggles can be difficult. However, choosing a psychiatrist is one of the most important steps you can take towards overcoming these struggles. If psychiatry is new to you, you may find it difficult to find a provider that you are comfortable with. So how do you choose a psychiatrist? What qualifications should you look out for? Here are 5 tips to help you choose a psychiatrist who is right for you. 

1. Get Referrals

Start by getting a list of potential psychiatrists from your general physician, your insurance company, or the healthcare clinic you attend. You can also add to the list by asking your family and friends for other recommendations. Take time to research these doctors and their credentials, psychiatrists are DOs or MDs, with different types of practices and other clinical subspecialties. As you narrow down your list, call each office and make a consult appointment to meet the doctor and interview them. 

2. Consider the Psychiatrist's Experience With Your Condition

When you're facing mental health problems, experience matters. The more experienced a physiatrist is with your condition or procedure, the better the results are likely to turn out. Inquire how many patients with a similar condition the physician has treated. 

3. Evaluate Their Communication Style

Since much of your treatment will involve conversing with the psychiatrist, their communication style is incredibly important. Does it work for you? Choosing a psychiatrist whom you're comfortable talking to and supports your information needs will help you be more open about what you need. When you first meet the psychiatrist, ask a question, and evaluate the response. Remember to trust your instincts. 

4. Read Patient Reviews

Patient reviews are a typical reflection of their experience with issues like wait time, office environment, and scheduling appointments. You can also get insight into how much patients are comfortable with the psychiatrist. However, don't rely solely on rating. Meet the psychiatrist and make your own assessment. 

5. Consider What Your Insurance Covers

This is a practical matter of utmost importance. In order to take advantage of insurance benefits and pay very little out-of-pocket, you need to choose a psychiatrist who is subscribed to your insurance provider. Once you have narrowed this down, then proceed to credentials, experiences, reviews, outcomes, and hospital quality. If you conduct your research outside your insurance networks, you might find a psychiatrist who does not accept insurance at all. 

Most mental health care providers treat a wide range of conditions. Learn more by contacting and comparing local psychiatrists