Relationship Counselling: 2 Ways It Can Help a Couple Who Have a New Baby

Having a baby is a big deal. No matter how strong your relationship or marriage was before the baby arrived, it will be tested to the limit by the new addition to the family. Of course, new life is something which can bring great joy, but it can also bring with it sleep deprivation, dirty diapers and arguments about the best way to raise and look after a child. If you and your partner's relationship is going through a rough patch since the arrival of your child, you may wish to consider entering into relationship counselling. Below is a guide to 2 ways relationship counselling could help to improve the life you share together.

Openly discuss the impact your new baby has had on your lives

Suddenly having a small human to look after 24-hours a day can have a big impact on your life. Sure, you may have had nine months to prepare for this by attending parenting classes, reading books, searching internet forums and talking to other parents, but nothing can actually prepare you for the multitude of ways in which your life will change. Sometimes, these changes can make you feel a sense of loss because certain aspects of your old life are gone. This sense of loss is normally followed by a sense of guilt as you question why you are feeling sad about not having the time for a stupid leisure activity when you have the wonderful gift of new life in your hands. Visiting a relationship counsellor can allow you and your partner to openly and honestly discuss how your lives have changed and how these changes make you feel. Doing so will allow you to process your feelings so you can move forward positively.

Decide on which type of parenting style you want to use

Deciding on which type of parenting style you are going to use to raise your child is another point which can often lead to disagreements between couples. It seems like a new parenting style is developed every other week, and what was recommended one day becomes bad for your baby the next. Well-meaning friends and family members may also add pressure by giving unhelpful advice which feels like criticism. A counsellor can help you and your partner to explore and discuss the different parenting styles you may wish to use to raise your child. Having someone who is outside of the situation moderate the discussion about parenting styles can help to prevent conflicts.

If you would like further help or advice, you should book an appointment with a relationship counsellor today.